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I testify for the goodness of God in my life, in Australia I became very ill after my second performance my liver was inflamed 5 times over the limit and my blood pressure was also 4 to 5 times higher than it should be, my temperature was very high and severe pain racked my body. I was taken to hospital in an ambulance. I spent 5 days , back and forth for test after test. I had headaches not to be described I could not sleep. On the 5th day I spoke to God my father and told him in my prayers that his will be done in my life, if I should leave this world in Australia it is his will, but if it is not his will that I should be sick, if it is not his will that I should die, then help me. This morning I was to fly to Sydney from Brisbane where we were to cancel the tour. I boarded the plane and sat next to an elegant lady on my left and my husband Thomas on my right. She tried to have a conversation with me but my head hurt and I was very weak in my body. After 10 minutes into the flight, the lady took my feet into her hands and started to massage them, she told me to not worry and relax as she massaged my feet, She did this for 1 hour 10 minutes flight. When we landed at Sydney “Praise be to God”, my headache was gone, the blockage(poison) in my body was gone, I could breath and my strength has returned. I did not realise that God had sent me an angel until I performed that evening, I was so blessed. The audience was blessed, there was such an anointing in the house and I was able to do my work. I praised God , “ I praise God” and I thank him for answering my prayers for sending me help in the image of a stranger by the name of Mary. Mary gave me no number or forwarding address so I could not let her know that I thanked her.

Mary's work was done and God gets the glory.

Please understand this Lady was very elegant and she was a white Lady sitting next to me a black Lady and she saw fit to massage my feet for 1 hour from Brisbane to Sydney . She said goodbye at the airport and she said she was flying to Perth . I invited her to come and see us in Perth but she never showed up.

I believed she was sent by God to perform good work with her hands, “ I praise God”.

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